What is this?

This is my own little webspace, listing some of my contributions to computer software, some of my hardware creations and a few other random bits and hacks.

Not much else to see, just some (hopefully) useful pointers.

Who am I?

I’m a Frenchman living in France. I have a fairly wide range of interests and hobbies, but since it would be a bit too long to get into the details and quite unrelated to the topic of this website as well, let’s focus on the geeky stuff here.

I’m a Graduate Engineer (Ingénieur Diplômé). I’ve studied at ESIEE Paris (a French Engineering school) where I majored in Computer Science, and I started playing with Linux during my first year at this school. After my engineering diploma I’ve pursued one more year of post-graduate studies in an Advanced Master at ESSEC (a French Business school), where I’ve learnt Corporate Finance. Another endeavor…

While at ESIEE I got quickly involved in a somewhat “special” project aside regular studies, dealing with porting Linux to the HP PA-RISC platform. I had a lot of fun there, and I grew a genuine interest in Linux from then on, which led me to participate (at a smaller scale) in other Linux efforts (IA64, ARM and PPC; writing small patches for drivers here and there; and distribution work with Debian and Ubuntu). That’s also what led me to develop my first pieces of Free/Open Source Software, some of which are published here. Later I also made some contributions to the OpenWRT Project (adding support for a few wireless routers and helping with the build infrastructure). This engineering curriculum also provided me with hardware design skills, which enabled me to come up with the creations I document on this website in the hope they prove useful to others.

After going through varied and exciting professional experiences, I eventually started my own business and now I make my broad skillset available to corporate clients.

Heck, looks like enough background for now! You can find more information in the menu bar.

Who cares?

Beats me ;-)