What is this?

This is my own little webspace, listing some contributions to computer software, and a few other random hacks.

Not much to see, just some (hopefully) useful pointers.

Who am I?

I’m a French guy living in Paris, France. I have a fairly wide range of interests (music, photo, and many more), but since it would be a bit too long to get into the details, and quite unrelated to this website as well, let’s focus on the geeky stuff here.

I’m a graduate (2005) Engineer majoring in Computer Science. I’ve been studying at ESIEE, (a French Engineering school) and started playing with Linux during my first year at this school.

I got quickly involved in a somewhat “special” project aside regular studies, dealing with porting Linux to the HP PA-RISC platform. I had a lot of fun there, and I grew a genuine interest in Linux from then on, which led me to participate (at a smaller scale) in other Linux efforts (IA64, ARM and PPC; writing small patches for drivers here and there; and distribution work with Debian and Ubuntu). That’s also what led me to develop my first pieces of Free/Open Source Software. Later I also made some contributions to the LEDE Project (adding support for a few wireless routers).

In 2006 I’ve been pursuing one more year of study in an Advanced Master’s at ESSEC (a French Business school), where I’ve been learning Corporate Finance. Another endeavor…

Hell, looks like enough background for now! You can find more information in the menu bar.

Who cares?

Beats me ;-)