How to reach me

This website is

Replace the first dot by a “@” and that’s my email address :-)


If you contact me about buying something from me (or about something you bought from me), please consider the following:

The PCBs and kits I provide are supplied with the warranty that they will work as intended until the moment they stop doing so, if assembled according to instructions by Competent Personnel only.
Purchases do not entail unlimited free consultancy.
All sales final. NO REFUNDS!
All disputes are to be solved in accordance to the Law of the Sea.

You’ve been told ;-P

Broken mail hosts

If your email runs from OpenSRS/Hosted Email, don’t bother sending me a message: I won’t be able to reply. OpenSRS has a brain-damaged blacklist (lack of) management, my email server is listed there for some reason (which I don’t know) and I cannot exchange emails with you. See this similar case for details.