Resistors are 1/4W 5% (or better) and capacitors are 5mm pin-spacing, unless otherwise noted.

Part Value Qty Notes
C1, C6 10n 2
C2-C3, C5, C10-C11, C15-C16 100n 7
C4 4.7u 16V 1 2.5mm spacing, electrolytic
C7-C8 470p 2 ideally should be film, but ceramic will fit better. Use C0G/NP0 type
datasheet claims 2.2nF but in practice 470pF were always used. 2.2nF will sound too deep.
then again, your mileage with 6581s may vary and you might want to experiment with different values.
C9, C12 1n 2 film
C13-C14 22n 2 film
C17-C18 10u 25V 2 2.5mm spacing, electrolytic
IC2 PIC16F882A-I/SP 1 SDIP28, socket-mounted
IC3 MOS 6581 1 DIP28, socket-mounted - Must be sourced from second-hand market
IC4 MOS 8580 1 DIP28, socket-mounted - Must be sourced from second-hand market
ICSP SIL 6-pin male header 1 optional
L1 1.5uH 1 DC 600mA or more, to be mounted vertically (5mm spacing)
LED1-2 3mm LED 2 color to your liking
OUT SIL 3-pin male header 1 optional
Q1 IRLML6402 1 SOT-23
R1-R2, R4, R7-R8, R10 1k 6
R3, R5-R6, R9 10k 4
R11, R12 100 2
T1-T2 2N3904 2 TO-92
V1 TME0512S 1 5V DC to 12V DC converter
V2 TME0509S 1 5V DC to 9V DC converter
X1 MOLEX 548190519 1 mini USB type B shielded socket
X2 Lumberg 1503-09 1 optional, stereo 3.5mm jack connector - 1503-17 works too