Resistors are 1/4W 5% (or better) and capacitors are 5mm pin-spacing

Part Value Qty Notes
C1 100n 1
C3-C4 22p 2
C5 10n 1
D1 1N400X 1 Any 1N400X-series diode will do here (e.g 1N4001)
D2 1N4148 1
IC1 74HC14 1
IC2 LM7805 1
IC3 PIC16F628A-I/P 1 DIP18, socket-mounted
ICSP SIL 6-pin male header 1 optional
J1 2mm DC Jack plug 1
LED1-5 3mm LED 5 color to your liking
OK1 6N138 1
Q1 20MHz Xtal 1
R1-R5 1k 5 These values can be adjusted to match your preference and LEDs. Typical values range from 220Ω to 1kΩ
R6 220 1
R7 470 1
R8 1k 1
S1-S4 B3F-31XX 4 Vertical-mount tactile switch. The PCB is designed for Omron’s B3F-31XX series but other switches might fit
X2 DIN-5 female 1 The PCB is designed to accomodate almost all models avaible. Suggested part: Farnell 1791756 or Mouser 502-57PC5F