Resistors are 1/4W 5% unless otherwise noted.

Part Value Notes
C1 100n
C2 100u 25V 2.5mm spacing, 6.3mm max diameter. Suggested: Panasonic EEUFR1E101
C3 470n 275VAC X2 MUST BE CLASS X2, 22.5mm spacing. Recommended: Panasonic ECQUAAF474MA
C4 220u 50V 3.5mm spacing, 10mm max diameter. Suggested: Panasonic EEUFR1H221
D1-D4 1N4004 1N400[4,5,6,7] are suitable
D5,D8 1N4148
D6 5.1V 500mW
D7 24V 1.3W
F1 Polyfuse 50mA Ideally 220V rated, capable of withstanding a lightning surge. Suggested: Bourns CMF-RL25U
IC1 PIC10F320 DIP-8. can be replaced by PIC10F322 if necessary
IC2 DS1820 TO92-3. Firmware supports DS18B20 and DS18S20
K1 250mW 24VDC power relay rated 10A/250VAC specific part used: Multicomp MCHRM3H-DC24V-A
LED1 3mm LED
R1,R6 2.2M High-voltage non-flammable type. Suggested: Yageo HHV-25JT-52-2M2
R2 100 1/2W High-voltage non-flammable type. Suggested: Panasonic ERG12SJ101
R3 4.7k
R4-R5 10k
R7 3.9k
R8 2.2k adjust to LED characteristics
R9 22k adjust to LED characteristics
T1-T2 BC547
VR1 14D471K