mod_musicindex  1.4.1
mod_musicindex Documentation


mod_musicindex is an Apache module initially aimed at being a C alternative to the Perl module Apache::MP3. It allows nice displaying of directories containing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC or MP4/AAC files, including sorting them on various fields, streaming/downloading them, constructing playlist, and searching. It also provides features such as RSS and Podcast feeds, multiple CSS support, and archive downloads.


  • Allow/deny file downloading.
  • Allow/deny file streaming.
  • Allow/deny file searching (recursively or not).
  • Default sorting order in Apache configuration and dynamic sorting while browsing.
  • Random directory on the fly relocation.
  • Highly configurable data display.
  • Custom folder picture (using (.){cover,folder}.{png,jpg,gif} if found).
  • Cache subsystem (using flat files or MySQL db).
  • Can redirect to an icecast server running in "staticdir" mode.
  • Custom cross-directories playlists.
  • Multiple CSS support.
  • Per directory configuration (using .htaccess).
  • XHTML output.
  • Archive download.
  • RSS and Podcasts feeds generation.
  • Support for auth_basic authentication in URL generation



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