mod_musicindex  1.4.1
playlist-vorbis.h File Reference
#include "mod_musicindex.h"

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mu_entmake_ogg_entry (request_rec *r, apr_pool_t *pool, FILE *const in, const char *const filename)
 Fills in the information fields about OGG data.

Function Documentation

mu_ent* make_ogg_entry ( request_rec *  r,
apr_pool_t pool,
FILE *const  in,
const char *const  filename 

Fills in the information fields about OGG data.

This function reads the ogg tags (using libvorbisfile) from the ogg file in and fills in the struct mu_ent fields accordingly.

inogg file to parse (closed on normal exit)
filenamecurrent filename
rApache request_rec struct to handle log writings (debugging)
When possible, struct mu_ent correctly set up, file stream closed.

Definition at line 70 of file playlist-vorbis.c.

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