Varuna Database Converter


The purpose of this tiny piece of software is primarily to convert a Varuna time table database into any format. In its current implementation, a raw and minimalist text interface is available, but most efforts went into the CGI frontend.

The output formats available are v-calendar and palm text.

It's an alpha-stage piece of software. The code is a bit *bloated*, so to speak, contains much hardcoded magic, and is suboptimal in many ways. Yet, it is rather well documented. It is intended for developers with interest in Varuna and/or lex/yacc and flat file conversion. This project was randomly hacked during the early days of my scholarship, and used as an experimental playground. I do not intend to develop it any further.

Last version is: 0.8.5


Documentation (Doxygen)


var2ics on Freshmeat

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